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Trust professionalist and left your ideas in our hands


From web design to responsive business page. We can guide you through the process of creating your company website. 


If you have the data and want to expose them through API for your frontend or mobile app we can give you a hand.
We create really efficient API using NodeJS or PHP based on your preference.


If your company can automate some process it can speed up your business. 
Let us now what business you are running and we can check what we can automate for you


Check out our portfolio to see what we can get for you


E-commerce shop with hand made jewellery. 
Created with Woocommerce and fully hosted on our servers.


We provide technical support for Adekpol.pl which is one of the  e-shops with the best prices for inks etc.


Designed and created by Code Care this is the landing page for accountant office based in Poland. 
We would like to recommend their services  


We provide technical support for Lartiq.pl which is investment fund company based in Warsaw, Poland

Assertis Ltd

In cooperation with Assertis we create apps for rail industry in United Kingdom. Check out their website https://assertis.co.uk

We use technology to meet your requirements


PHP is one of the most popular programming language used across the world to create websites, web apps and API. We use this technology in most of our projects. Since few years PHP is more efficient than ever and we use this efficiency to provide highly scalable applications.

MySQL, PostgreSQL

Do you have a lot of data that needs to be sorted out? Give us this! We’re used to working with large data sets. We can sort your data and expose them for your apps through API. 
Also if you need some integrations to your e-commerce platforms we can realize it for your.


Second technology which we use to create API and web apps is NodeJS. It’s really modern programming language which in some cases gives us more possibilities to realize your goals.

Server support, DevOps

If you have working app, shop or anything else but need someone who can react quickly to failures, we’re here to help. 
We can make your server architecture safer, more efficient, more stable and we’ll support you in any case you need.

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